Wednesday, February 14, 2018

No Man is so rich
That he can afford Everything

Nor is there a man who can afford Nothing

Between Everything and Nothing
Lies Life

Where each of us have Something


To Make our Existence COMPLETE

Sunday, October 21, 2012


‘Renounce for then shall you be liberated’

Renounce anger,
Renounce fear,
For that is the seed of anger
Fear is born from lack of trust

True fearlessness comes not from sheer bravado
empowered by ego
But simple child-like trust in Existence
Like a baby monkey that clings to its mother’s belly
As she leaps from tree to tree

True sanyas is to accept with Love and gratitude
All as the One
To share this world with all
For they are yours, to own yet share with all

This world is then a place to love and care
For there is just One
When anger comes flaming hot and red
Know that this too will pass

When fear comes turning feet cold with dread
Know that this too will pass

When joy shines brilliant as the sun
Know that this too shall pass

When dark sorrow glooms
As though no flower shall ever bloom
Know that this too will pass

Impermanent colors of emotions
washed down by the waters of time

Sprayed on a permanent canvas of Consciousness
Consciousness that remains untouched by all
A witness colored by none.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Shut down
When the “enter” key got stuck
A number of windows opened
One after another
Like a mind gone berserk
With a million thoughts all at once
In a million directions

To move on
The only way was to shut down
For a while

Both the comp and the mind

To connect back to the source
In silent mediation
Even if it be for  just a while.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jai Ganesh

One so tall
One so huge
Breathtakingly awesome
With gentle wonderful eyes
That speak so beautifully
Of Love and compassion unlimited
A silence that is eternal

Magnificence of divinity in each
See Ganesha is the idol and in all that those
That cheer loud and dance in joy
Omnipresence indeed!!
They clap and dance when he comes
And sing and dance when he leaves
Symbolize life and celebration
Celebration in birth and dissolution

There is brilliance in a worm
Beauty and grace
In that which in mundane terms
Is a pest
To a mind that seeks ‘a cause’
And use in everything---

Pet to some
Pest to some
Life sustains life

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Yearn to sing to you so much
The Love that fills me so much
Have not words that can express enough
Love you is all I can say through tears
To meet you  I have to drop
To meet to merge
Would be to shed
Every clothing of this soul
Of the mind
Of the intellect
Of everything
To turn nothing
Nothing just the
Presence that’s One
Your absence invoked your presence so
Understand now why Radha to let you go
For in your physical absence
Did she merge
In your Omnipresence
As You in spirit
One with you forever
She was truly blessed
Yearn for this union
To merge in that which is